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Tick Services

Tick Spraying Services

Ticks have become an increasing problem in Fairfield County and surrounding areas.  They are blood feeders, their “hosts” being large and small mammals and birds.   When looking for a host, ticks don’t discriminate, but research has shown that children and pets are most vulnerable.

Tick Services in Newtown CT
No Ticks
Tick lifecycle chart

The chart shows the lifecycle of a tick, and may help in understanding the Spray approach we have found to be most successful in protecting you, your family, and  your pets –

Researchers have found that spraying the perimeter of your property is most effective in reducing tick populations – it is NOT necessary to spray your entire yard, as ticks are typically not found in open lawn areas or mulch beds.

For information on tick prevention from the Center for Disease Control, click here: LYME DISEASE – What you need to know

See what the CDC recommends for Preventing Ticks in the Yard

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