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Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care (PHC) is a comprehensive program that aims to ensure the long-term health and vitality of the plants, trees, and shrubs on a property. The program begins with an annual assessment to determine the specific needs of the plants, including any potential disease or pest issues, as well as the overall health of the soil and growing conditions.

Based on this assessment, a proposal is created that outlines the specific services that will be performed to keep the plants healthy throughout the year. These services may include pruning, fertilization, pest and disease control, and soil conditioning, among others.

The PHC program is designed to be renewable, meaning that it is an ongoing program that can be renewed annually. Additionally, there may be discounts available for customers who enroll in the program, making it a cost-effective way to maintain the health and beauty of a property's plants, trees, and shrubs.

Overall, the goal of the PHC program is to provide a proactive approach to plant health, rather than simply reacting to issues as they arise. By regularly assessing and caring for the plants, the program helps to ensure their longevity and beauty for years to come.

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