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Deer Services

Deer Proofing

Deers on the mountain
Antler in Nature

Ever wonder what deer eat in the winter?  Take a look outside your window - beautiful plantings, ornamental trees and shrubs – and there’s your answer.  Everything is delicious to a tick carrying White Tailed Deer – and just one deer needs between 4 and 10 lb of forage every day!  Deer can and will find a way onto your property and in addition to eating their way through your garden buffet, they will cause damage by browsing, trampling, and antler rubbing.

The skilled professionals at New England Horticultural Services have decades of experience in developing strategies to effectively and conscientiously protect your landscape and plantings.  Now is the time to take preventative action and minimize the amount of damage that can occur due to the appetite of our deer population.

Call or email us and we can guide you through a full range of solutions and find the option that will be most effective for your landscape and lifestyle.

Deer Services - Deer Proofing in Newtown CT
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